Our Goals

Wisconsin families want more educational options. But current programs will not survive — let alone expand — unless we address major threats.

School Choice Wisconsin Action is a co-chair of the Wisconsin’s Coalition for Education Freedom, which is fighting for school choice for families across our state. Here are our goals:


Close the Funding Gap

All children have value. Yet those who attend private and independent charter schools receive only about 60 percent of funding available to public school students. We need to close that gap.

The funding gap particularly hurts private high schools, including those in Milwaukee and Racine, that significantly outperform public schools. Private schools struggle to compete for teachers. An exemplary Milwaukee high school has closed. Others are cutting back on seats.


Eliminate the Property Tax Impact

Enrollment growth can mean high property taxes. This is true except in Milwaukee, where choice will soon be paid 100% by state general purpose revenue. We should do the same elsewhere, including for independent charters. The Legislative Fiscal Bureau estimates this would be a statewide property tax cut of $200 million.


End Barriers to Entry

Any family may choose traditional public schools, charters or open enrollment. Barriers to entry exist only in the Milwaukee, Racine and statewide parental choice programs.

Income eligibility is not the only barrier. Restrictive enrollment periods, district enrollment caps and grade point entry levels limit the ability of families to participate.



The Three A’s of Accountability: Assessments, Audits, and Accreditation

Learn more about the state assessments, financial audits, and accreditation requirements of Wisconsin’s parental choice programs.

The Three A’s of Accountability: Assessments, Audits, and Accreditation PDF cover


Closing the Funding Gap

Learn why the current funding model for choice high schools in Wisconsin is unsustainable.

Closing the Funding Gap flyer page


School Choice and Property Tax Relief

Learn why we want lawmakers to support removing, or “decoupling,” funding for school choice outside Milwaukee from local property taxes.


School Choice Questions Answered

Read frequently asked questions about parent choice programs in Wisconsin.


All of our time is spent trying to fund the gap

Learn why we must close the funding gap for high schools.


Who hurts? The students get hurt

Learn about our proposal and why funding relief for choice schools matters.


A child is a child is a child

Learn why Wisconsin parents are seeking more educational options for their children.


Parent Awakening in Wisconsin

Learn why Wisconsin voters want more say in the education of their children.