About School Choice Wisconsin Action

School Choice Wisconsin Action, as a co-chair of the Wisconsin Coalition for Education Freedom, is dedicated to advancing educational freedom for families.

Our policy goals, if accomplished, will change the educational landscape in Wisconsin by putting parents in control of the education of their children and by ensuring that students are fairly funded. These changes will create a robust educational marketplace that responds to the needs of families and encourages innovation.

We are a coalition of the willing. What distinguishes us is a strong sense of mission and a clear-eyed focus on our goals, partners who bring capabilities well beyond those available to us in years past, the knowledge and experience to develop robust policy proposals for consideration by elected officials, and a team approach built on trust and unity. Our unified approach dramatically improves our chances of success because it enhances effective use of resources, eliminates infighting, and provides steady support for those who support our cause.

Our goals are:

  • Close the Funding Gap
  • Eliminate the Property Tax Impact¬†
  • End Barriers to Entry

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Our partners bring a unique combination of deep knowledge of current programs and proven expertise in turning ideas into public policy. Collectively, we have ample capacity for education, advocacy, and other political action. Educational activities funded through a 501(c)3 are tax deductible. Advocacy and other political activities are not. All are necessary to achieve our goal.